Friday, May 12, 2006

Today is the day!

It's very hot, so hot in Thailand both the weather and political climate. I really feel much stress and want the all problems solved within a short time. There is no real true of false, there was always some reasons to explain. My family often discuss about the current staus of political problems and try to find the solution. We used the time more than ever think before. So until the evening, we end our discussion with a seafood dinner and watch tv program about arts bachelor degree online together. As seen in newspapers and magazines. Pool Pockets for your swimming pool.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just one comment, please

My mom is so funny. She doesn’t mean to be funny, isn’t trying to be funny, it just comes out that way. She’s 89 and tells me on the phone every week, "I never planned to live this long. I keep telling Jesus that I’m ready to go but he’s not listening! It’s hard when you out live all of your friends and have to try to break into the younger crowd.” It reminds me of junior high when we were all trying so hard to fit in and checking out bar stools and pub table furniture. A new way to store Pool Toys.